2015, April 10 – 445 – intellectuals

older gentlemen (5)
gather to share ideas (7)
more nuanced with age (5)


2015, April 10 – 443 – cafe 2

words caught on the wind
even if fresh from the lips
carried so close
and tasted in sips

ideas, feelings, and thoughts
are shared between two
a meeting in minds
with old notions new

one is the thinker
and one is the mentor
both are still students
but nearing their winter

topics are covered
but I cannot share
I am just an observer
and I am not there.

2015, April 10 – 442 – cafe

listening to a conversation
interesting and intellectual
something fresh and different
but on the outside
and not a welcome participant
connecting personally
but only as an observer
of the life cinema.
a festival of films and stories
that surround us
and offer us brief previews and glimpses
into a million stories
and characters
shared, but briefly