2015, February 9 – 218 – verses

salt and bricks
and jumping on sticks
fresh in the air
but going nowhere

along and so strong
with nothing to do
but wipe the dust
in my eye from the shoe

barriers and carriers
fighting in stance
willows and pillows
learning to dance

covers of leather
on all things antique
welcome the moon
when the sun is so weak

kindle a fire
with plenty of rage
splatter my thoughts
all over the page

distance is fear
and never so far
limits are broken
wherever you are

dawn is not drawn
but dealt out too quick
broken and battered
with the same shallow brick

finish a thought
before I digress
a moment of silence
for all of the rest

colors and lessons
lawyers and blessings

sliding and gliding
then rolling and bowling

the surface is smooth
but not to the touch
I hate the idea
I hate it so much

elastic shells on floors
boards that make up doors
mellow music soars
while chicken gumbo pours

ink that blotches
and mottles the skin
blueberry lips
that cover a grin

deep from the recesses
memories flow
forgotten and random
where do they go?

now I am tired
and the words have expired
words with no meaning
has my mind finished cleaning?