2016, January 12 – 1190 – after vacation

how strange to return to normal,
things familiar yet new again,
see the world with eyes reborn.
everything that was banal
appears in a different light.
clearer, sharper, from another sight
the mind refreshed
and beliefs redressed
experiences that will be missed
until the next visit

2015, November 3 – 940 – happiness? 2

is it the little things?
is it filling my life?
does it happen all the time?
am i more than content?
is it being not sad?
how can i tell what it is?
is it enough?
do i want more?
am i doing the right things?
should i do more?
should i be more?
how do i define myself?
how do i define it?
how do i know?
how do i know?

2015, October 26 – 920 – tired 7

my fire burns on other pages
not the one that lays before me
unfurling for my unsteady footsteps
and furtive glances
drawing on exhausted thoughts
that are parched and drifting
senses that cannot quench my thirst
and ignore the passing world
leaving me frustrated, angry, and tired.
tonight, i must rest
so perhaps tomorrow
the embers of my page will reignite
and shine anew upon my shadowed mind.

2015, October 13 – 889 – souvenir

an image from my past
shocks me with its rarity
an old sight familiar
and personal to my story
taken from my youth
something too rare to ignore
but passes too quickly to react
and is gone in a moment
leaving me with doubts
and an unsatisfiable desire
to discover the connection
perhaps my failing eyes deceived
and i saw something i wanted to remember