2015, January 9 – 116 – words

from what deep well do these words flow?
I fear one day that they will slow
and leave me cold in mind and spirit.
I cannot think, I will not fear it.
I will write the words as they come
and greet the day that they are done
with graciousness
and happiness
to start anew.
Now, what shall I do?


2015, January 9 – 115 – wolves

wolves howling at the half moon tonight
something doesn’t feel right
but it’s just a feeling
all is calm and serene
nothing more will happen this evening
the danger has passed
the moment of fear was fleeting
and everything has returned as it once was
sleep safely in your home tonight.

But when the wolves are quiet
and the moon is dark,

2015, January 9 – 114 – patience

I waited patiently
for her to come around
but she never did
and now I’m still alone
but so much older than I should be
I didn’t know that I had to look for her

I waited patiently
for life to come along
and while I waited other people
told me what I should do
so I did what they said
because I thought they knew better
what I should do

I waited patiently
for everyone to get their turn
to be nice
and always play fair
to think of others
and sacrifice
but no one did that for me
now here I sit
last in line
with an empty cup

I waited patiently
for the mood to come along
to do what I felt I wanted
but the mood rarely came,
when other people told me what to do
the mood felt wrong
the mood felt selfish
so most of the time I ignored it
until I didn’t feel the mood anymore

I waited patiently
for someone to tell me how to live
what to do,
how to behave,
what to say
what to wear
what to eat
but I’m not someone
I’m me
at least I used to be

Now, I won’t wait patiently
for me to return
I’m going to look for her
I’m going to look for life
I’m going to take my turn
I’m going to feel the mood
I’m going to look for me and
I’m going to live for me.