2017, June 6 – 2715 – stormy weather

purple flowers sway (5)
dancing with the trees in the (7)
cool gusting spring breeze (5)


2015, February 25 – 273 – beauty

Lovely locks
falling and flowing
across her face
tossed and thrown
to the side
to see her gentle grace
eyes that flash
and lips that pose
a flush across her cheeks
a perfect nose
and tender ears
that come out for a peek
her beauty is quite bold and clear
and that is why she is my dear.

2015, February 9 – 216 – her 2

How strange.
I haven’t felt this way in quite a while.
Less than a week
and I miss her eyes
and dancing curls
to have her near
to hold her tight
and hold her dear
just to sit and talk
and listen to her gentle thoughts
and see her energy and power
the flash of life she shines.