2017, June 7 – 2719 – elections

opinions abound (5)
city covered in posters (7)
faces keep changing (5)


2015, March 13 – 349 – mind

a mind is a terrible waste
it never functions as we want
full of emotions and feelings
and ancient memories haunt

so much potential to achieve
the greatest ideas and thoughts
so much could be conceived
from all that we’ve been taught

so how do we use this power?
TV, meetings, idle sleep
so nothing comes to flower
and the universe will her secrets keep.

2015, February 9 – 216 – her 2

How strange.
I haven’t felt this way in quite a while.
Less than a week
and I miss her eyes
and dancing curls
to have her near
to hold her tight
and hold her dear
just to sit and talk
and listen to her gentle thoughts
and see her energy and power
the flash of life she shines.